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"Rendez-Vous Luxe" designer of successful lifestyle

French lifestyle as never seen before

Successful Experience


Customer Relationship : We at «Rendez-Vous Luxe» aim at building trustful and longterm relationships while protecting our customer’s interests. This is why customer relationship is at the heart of our mission.

Gratitude : Gratitude appears as a primary state of mind for «Rendez Vous Luxe» company. We tend to include gratitude in every step of our process and in every interaction .

Privacy : To respect your privacy is an obvious and natural value at «Rendez-Vous Luxe»


What are your benefits working with us?

  • A reliable partner handling local French rules, but being able to communicate in many languages.
  • A simple and efficient system of working
  • A real connoisseur of the luxury market
  • A personalised customised approach
  • A strong enthusiasm for working and bringing customer’s satisfaction.

Even as a small business, we do have the ambition to act as a big one. We believe this mindset will bring success to both of us.


«Rendez-Vous Luxe»‘s Etiquette is inspired by «French Etiquette and Art de Vivre» mixed with modern entrepreneurship mindset. This guideline defines rules for personal conduct and customer’s interaction. Our etiquette serves our whole vision : improving your lifestyle while protecting your interest.

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